Software and Programs

  • QuickTeX - Render LaTeX Equations as PNG Images
  • Homomorphic-Encryption - A Java based implementation of Homomorphic Encryption.
  • EVA - Exhaustive Variant Analysis
  • QIK - Querying Images Using Contextual Knowledge on Everyday Scenes
  • Tuffy-Distributed - Distributed Tuffy setup on Greenplum.
  • Evidence-Data-Generator - Utility to collect tweets and construct evidence data.
  • Private-Share - A decentralized storage system that enables sharing medical image sharing, preserving security and privacy.
  • DiSC - Distributed Score Computation to learn multinomial Bayesian networks over distributed data
  • XGBoost-Spark - XGBoost4J-Spark for Classification and Regression.
  • TwitterAnalytics - A web application visualizes interesting analytic Spark SQL queries executed on Tweets for famous fashion brands.

In addition, I have also contributed to: